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Diagnosis and implementation of an strategic plan for the city of Arica




The “Agencia Regional de Desarrollo Productivo de Arica y Parinacota” is leading the Project for the "Diagnosis and implementation of an strategic plan for the city of Arica, Chile


AvenueTWC has been selected for the technical development of this project that began on june 2012.


The main target of this project is to create, design and develop a new Master Plan for the city oriented to solve future urban planning decisions involving Diagnosis & Strategic Vision in a regional-city scale, as well as the definition of a Master plan and the identification of key strategic urban projects that will promote the transformation of the city.

Chinchorro New Central Area





The project involves the creation of an innovative new space of activity in Arica, in order to balance the overall city functioning and its future growth. An integral approach that promotes a polycentric city model, the new central area of Chinchorro seeks to balance the excessive activities supported by the historical centre, generating a new reference pole and activity centre in the city.



A multifunctional node especially focused on civic and cultural uses and that relies on a process of urban recycling within a railway area in disuse.



A driving force for the urban transformation of the industrial area of the Maestranza, and its conversion to a new mixed-use neighborhood.

Evaluation of Urban Sustainable and Integral Developments (DUIS).




The Mexican Government has promoted a public initiative for developing new cities that will impel integral solutions and sustainability. This initiative has been put into effectiveness through the construction of Urban Sustainable and Integral Developments (DUIS).


 The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the “Sociedad Hipotecaria de Mexico”, as Executing Agency, opened a bidding process for the selection of consulting services for the “Technical Evaluation of Urban Sustainable Developments, DUIS, in Mexico.


A consortium formed by Avenue TWC, as lead entity, Inocsa and a Group of Mexican experts wan the bidding process and the technical assistance began the first week of November 2009. Until date four technical evaluations have been developed in diferent Mexican States. In 2012, we are developing two technical evaluations in Quintana Roo and Yucatan.


The technical assistance will allow the evaluation an follow up of two specific urban developments within the country and that want to access the DUIS Certificate.


Marbella New Central Area



A consortium formed by Avant, CGR + RH architects, Uría & Menéndez and Avenue TWC develops the technical assistance, financed by the City Council of Marbella and that involves: urban planning analysis and integral urban proposal involving sustainable transport, mobility and infrastructure; legal assessment, technical and economic feasibility and urban management.




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Porto Alegre’s Port Regeneration



Avenue’s TWC experts have participated in the consortium created to bid for the Cais Maua Project in Porto Alegre, Brasil. The consortium has been declared winner of the phases I, II and III.


The project is located in the centre of Porto Alegre City and involves it’s waterfront redesigning along with the creation of a new centrality with economic, social and cultural activities. Its main objective is the integration of this commercial port in disuse with the city.


Parque de Valdebebas. Urban assessment



Avenue TWC has been advising this new urban development, considered one of the biggest urban projects in the history of Madrid. It is located in an exceptional and strategic area, next to the new terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas Airport and  has surface of more than 10 million m2.

Consulting services have been focused on defining an urban and financial strategy for making this new development an example of excellence in sustainable growth. Capacity building included the development of a major event along with  thematic workshops

City T4 Barajas



The project has been developed in collaboration with  Estudio Lamela and  Richard Rogers Partnership under the guidelines of Aena.


A city integrated in the airport’s activity, orientated to companies and people, in an innovative environment in design, management, logistics and environmental strategy.





Tiexi Light Rail Project, Shenyang



In 2007 the Spanish Government financed through a FEV grant, the development of a Study whose main objective was establishing the feasibility of a Light Rail System within Tiexi District, based on the reutilization of existing obsolete railways and with the main goal of promoting the urban regeneration of the district and become a catalyst for urban and economic development.


The study was developed by the consortium Avenue TWC – Inocsa and was focused on developing a unique design proposal for an innovating and sustainable Light Rail System, under the guidelines of a land use and transport planning strategy. Innovate schemes of financing-promotion were developed to guarantee the feasibility of the light rail system. The Feasibility Study was delivered to Tiexi Government on June 2008. On July 2009 another grant from the Spanish Government was approved for the extension of the study

LIEP Programme



Under LIEP Programme, Avenue TWC has developed different projects.


LIEP is the European Union's largest and most complex technical cooperation program in China to date. It is a 6 year (1999-2005) EU-China co-funded Technical Assistance Programme.  

SUPP is the urban component of LIEP, and was designed to assist the Shenyang Municipal Government in achieving sustainable development through the application of integrated urban management policies and practices.

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LIEP PROGRAMME, Investment Promotion Activities



Avenue TWC took part in SUPP, the Urban component of LIEP, and was in charge of formulating specific investment projects designed to attract external funding to Tiexi-Shenyang.

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TIEXI REGENERATION - Symbols for a New Future



Tiexi District in Shenyang,  is the main industrial area in the city and was formerly one of the principal concentrations of heavy industry in China's Northeast. Today a substantial segment of that old economic base is largely obsolete and the area is characterised by declining economic efficiency and heavy job losses.

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TIEXI- SHENYANG, Marketing Strategies



The objective was to set out a strategy for attracting International Investors and/or Developers to invest in the Tiexi District through selected projects.

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Opportunity to create a new centrality for TIEXI that is the catalyst for future developments.

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An Opportunity to transform without destroying cultural symbols.

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