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March and July 2010

Workshop.Technical Evaluation of Urban Sustainable Developments. Mexico

In March 2010, Avenue TWC organizes a first workshop in Mexico City and as part of the Technical Evaluation of Urban Sustainable Developments. It’s principal aim was to promote knowledge interchange between the project developers, the “Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF) in Mexico, “GPEDUIS” and Avenue TWC. Other developers and related agencies to DUIS, along with municipal and regional authorities and enterprises, were invited.


In July 2010 a second workshop was organized in order to present the final results of the technical evaluation and give specific conferences on urban sustainable development.


12-18 November 2007


Best Practices on Light Rail Systems Madrid and London

A Study Tour and Workshop was organized to present Tiexi Government Authorities different successful examples of light rail systems in Spain and the United Kingdom, with the aim of being a place for the interchange of experiences and best practices between Spain and China.


11-12 May 2006

Valdebebas urban workshops and conferences


The Urban Land Institute Madrid “Parque de Valdebebas” and Avenue TWC, hosted an urban workshop whose main objective was to deepen on urban sustainability matters and explore the new urban development of Valdebebas. Public presentations were specially designed to present Valdebebas and to provide participants with the latest best practices in sustainable urban developments. Internal workshops were also organised in which different urban experts analised specific areas of Valdebebas in order to identify possible improvement areas.


May 2006

2nd International Urban Management Workshop


Instituto Empresa

After the success of the Madrid/Singapore Workshop, and given the excellent relations between Madrid City Hall and the Council of the City of Moscow, the 2nd Urban Management Forum: Madrid-Moscow is set to consolidate this type of event. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to share know-how, contacts and business perspectives of these two cities which both face, as in the case of all large European capitals, similar problems and challenges.


With almost ten million inhabitants, Moscow is one of the most dynamic cities in Russia. Its economy is growing at a pace of some 7% and absorbs nearly 70% of direct foreign investment in Russia. The city is currently immersed in ambitious construction and infrastructure initiatives and is a pioneer in innovative ways of funding projects in which the private sector plays a key role.


27 June 2005

1st International Urban Management Workshop


Instituto Empresa

The Urban Management Forum is an initiative within Instituto de Empresa committed to promote sustainable, integrated and multisector city management policy. In its academic setting, the Forum brings together leading enterprises providing urban services with local administrations in a platform for dialogue and action.


The Urban Management Forum is constituted with institutional endorsement and private sector support from leading enterprises in the field, Avenue TWC plays a leading role in this support.


The Singapore-Madrid International Urban Management Workshop further consolidates the Urban Management Forum's position as a unique, top-level initiative, where companies that play a pivotal role in the new-style management of cities share their most innovative experiences.

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March 2005


Avenue TWC opens his new office location in the City of Shenyang, China.













13 & 15 July 2004


CHINA, A New Real Estate Market

Shenyang - Tiexi, New Developments

Berlin / London

Join us to discover the potential of China and the presentation of development opportunities in the city of Shenyang - Tiexi.


China has come along way over the past 10 years, and with over 20% of the world's population, it now has over 90 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants.


Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province is China's fifth largest city. It is also the economic, cultural, financial and commercial centre of northeast China.


Tiexi New District, who has a total area of 94 sq. kilometres, a population of 1 million people, and an economic jurisdiction of the same rank as municipality, is located in the Midwest part of Shenyang City in China. With 1,586 enterprises of all shorts, the industry in Tiexi produces 66% of industrial output value and 66% of tax income from manufacture in Shenyang.