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Avenue TWC has become a meeting point and a reference for a network of experts in urban sustainable development. Avenue’s network comprises:



Avenue TWC has developed multiple projects for the public and private sector, Multilateral development agencies and programs, EU-funded External Aid Programmes and Financial Institutions.


Avenue’s clients include the: European Union, Interamerican Development Bank, Spanish Government Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, "Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal" (Mexico), The Agencia Regional de Desarrollo Productivo de Arica y Parinacota (Chile), City of Marbella Town Council (SPAIN), AENA (Spain), Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (Mexico), Tiexi District Government (Shenyang, China), Consorcio de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid (Spain), Parque de Valdebebas (Spain), IE Business School, among others.


Collaborating Experts

Avenue TWC has collaborated with different experts around the world including: Carolina Aguirre, Juan Arana, Carmen Bango, Cesar Barrasa, Daniel Calvo, Carlos Cristobal, Jose Cordovilla, Rosa María Escobar, Daniel Ferrer, Miguel Hernández, Ester Higueras García, Wang Hong Hai, Johannes Heeb, Ulla Hoyer, Valentín Ibarra, Eduardo Juárez, José Luis Lezama, Rafael Moneo, Claudia Ortiz, Andrés, Parga, Luis Perea, María Perevochtchikova, Ricard Riol, Han Rui, Rogelio Ruiz, Luis Sierra,  Elisa Simarro, Carolina Trujillo, Cornelis Johannes Maria Van Rooij, Manuel Vallejo, Paul Wakefield, among others.


Associated companies and institutions for specific projects

We now present some companies and institutions that have collaborated with Avenue in specific projects: Landside, Proactiva, Asset Management, CREARA, Traza Consultores (Chile), AVANT, CGR + RH architects, Uría & Menéndez,  Kees Van Rooij, Grupo de Consultores Mexicanos, Inocsa, Drivers Jonas, IE Business School, Estudio LAMELA, Richard Rogers Partnership, Research Center for Eco- Environmental Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Guizhou Normal University (China), Southwest University Chongqing (China).


International Advisory Group

Avenue TWC is supported by an International top expert team. Depending on each project specific requirements, one or more members of the Advisory Group participate guiding and transmitting his/hers experience to the consulting team and carrying out specific workshops and assesments for the local Administration or clients.