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Avenue TWC covers a new territory that provides those involved in City Developments with a fresh approach to the different issues that they face with expert consultants and constant updates on how global trends affect "The world of cities".

A network of knowledge, that promotes sustainable development , and that brings together people with experience in the transformation and branding of cities from all angles, giving it a broad knowledge base that can be used to support private companies and the public sector in critical research, development strategies and implementation of projects.

The activities of Avenue TWC are divided in three areas: NETWORK, RESEARCH & PROJECTS


June 2013
Official presentation of the "Strategic plan for the city of Arica (Diagnosis and implementation)" to the promoting public Agency:Agencia Regional de Desarrollo Productivo de Arica y Parinacota” and to different public and private institutions of the city.  Included the presentation of the strategic projects selected for the urban transformation of the city of Arica. 

January 2013
Public presentation to city authorities and the promoting Agency (ARDP) of the strategic vision of the Plan. Included a first approach of the key strategic projects selected  for the transformation of the historical center, the city’s waterfront and the industrial district of the Maestranza.

October 2012
Public presentation and workshop of the Diagnosis document of the Strategic plan for the city of Arica.

August 2012
Participatory Workshops for the city Arica.

June 2012
 The “Agencia Regional de Desarrollo Productivo de Arica y Parinacota” is leading the Project for the "Strategic Plan for the City of Arica (Diagnosis and implementation)".

AvenueTWC has been selected for the technical development of this project that began on june 2012.

The main target of this project is to create, design and develop a new Master Plan for the city oriented to solve future urban planning decisions involving Diagnosis & Strategic Vision in a regional-city scale, as well as the definition of a Master plan and the identification of key strategic urban projects that will promote the transformation of the city.